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a patch of Leyland Cypress trees with a clearing that functions as a pathway

Best Trees for Privacy

There are many reasons to plant trees. Of course, planting trees helps to beautify your lawn, plus your city or homeowner’s association might even require

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Lethal Viral Necrosis

Lethal Viral Necrosis

In recent years, South Florida has become the victim of a lethal plant virus, known as necrosis. Confirmation of the first diagnosis was in Palm

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canopy reduction

Canopy Reduction

What Does Canopy Reduction Do for Your Trees?   A well-grown tree canopy beautifies your entire property. Canopy trees are able to photosynthesize relatively rapidly

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starfruit hanging from tree

Fruit Tree Care in Florida

Our Florida climate allows us to enjoy growing many ornamental and functional plants in our yards and gardens. Some of the most successful are the

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