Mangrove Trimming

Mangroves are tropical plants adapted to wet soil and saltwater. There are more than 50 species of mangroves in the world, and three of them are native to Florida. While mangroves contribute significantly to the economy of South Florida and Palm Beach County, sometimes they become overgrown. At Zimmerman Tree Service, we’re Certified Arborists offering mangrove trimming services in Palm Beach County and beyond.

About Florida Mangroves

The three species of mangroves native to Florida are:

  • Red Mangroves – Rhizophora Mangle
  • White Mangroves – Laguncularia Racemosa
  • Black Mangroves – Avicennia Germinans

Mangroves assist in protecting water quality and clarity by trapping and cycling various organic materials, chemical elements, and important nutrients in the coastal ecosystem. Not to mention, they also serve as storm buffers by reducing wind and wave action at shallow shorelines. The role of mangroves in South Florida is not to be undermined. That being said, the State of Florida regulates the removal and trimming of mangroves in certain areas. At Zimmerman, our state authorized mangrove trimmers can help you better understand the rules and regulations put in place regarding mangroves and other exotic vegetation.

Professional Mangrove Trimmers

If you have a waterfront property with mangroves that need to be trimmed in Palm Beach, Zimmerman Tree Service is authorized and licensed by the state of Florida to satisfy your needs regarding this matter. We can help tame your mangrove trees and work closely with you to protect the important function of these trees in the ecosystem. Mangrove trimming is part of our work as Certified Arborists, so we’re happy to help homeowners benefit from the view while at the same time help the ecosystem thrive.

Mangrove Consultation

We will come out to assess your property and discuss your goals for the view you desire. Upon assessment regarding which of the three species of mangroves you have on your property, we can provide you with more information about the tree trimming services available to meet your needs.

At Zimmerman Tree Service, we’re Professional Mangrove Trimmers (PMT) and ISA Certified Arborists, well-versed in Florida statutes regarding mangrove trimming and beyond. All work is done under the guidelines of the Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act and under the supervision of a Certified Mangrove Trimmer to ensure compliance. Zimmerman Tree Service is licensed and insured.

Contact Zimmerman Tree Service today for a consultation if you’re in need of tree pruning services in Palm Beach County. We also offer emergency tree services and Total Plant Health Care. We’re happy to help you with the overall health and beauty of your landscape today!