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Tree Service Locations

At Zimmerman Tree Service, we are proud to offer top-notch tree services and lawn care to a variety of locations here in South Florida. Our expert team is dedicated to maintaining the beauty and health of your lawn. Whether you need tree trimming services, lawn care, or an emergency tree removal service, we are here to assist. Explore our service areas below to see if we are in your neighborhood!

Boca Raton

Nestled along Florida’s southeastern coast, Boca Raton is well known for its scenic landscape and parks. Our team provides exceptional tree services, including tree trimming and tree cutting services, to help preserve the beauty of Boca Raton. If you’re in search of an affordable tree service company in this area, look no further.

Delray Beach

Delray Beach is a vibrant community that offers stunning beaches and lush greenery. Zimmerman Tree Service has a variety of lawn maintenance services to ensure that your outdoor spaces remain in pristine condition. If you’re located in Delray Beach, we are your tree service company.

West Palm Beach

Whether you require tree trimming services or lawn care, our services in West Palm Beach are designed to enhance your lawn’s health. Let us create an inviting and well-maintained outdoor environment for your home. 

Lake Worth

Lake Worth has a unique charm that is clearly reflected in its diverse landscape. Our expert team offers customized tree services to meet the needs of Lake Worth residents and businesses. If you need a reliable tree service company near you, we are here to assist.

Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach showcases beautiful gardens and parks that require expert lawn maintenance. Our team will have your property looking its best, contributing to the natural beauty of the community. We provide affordable tree services based on your needs. 


We understand the importance of a healthy, luscious outdoor space in Jupiter, Florida. Our tree services include everything from routine lawn care to even complex tree removals to ensure your property stays in top condition. When you need a dependable lawn care team, consider us as your go-to. 

Palm Beach 

Palm Beach boasts elegance and beauty. Our expert team provides high-quality tree services to replicate the sophistication of this renowned city. Trust us to keep your Palm Beach lawn immaculate.


Wellington’s lush landscape and equestrian trails make it a very unique place to live. We offer tailored services to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the Wellington communities. Our reliable services are just a call away. 

What Time Of Year Is Best For Tree Service?

South Florida’s subtropical climate features wet and dry seasons that can influence the ideal timing for lawn services. Here’s a breakdown of what you should consider:

  • Mowing: During the warm and rainy seasons, between May and October, mowing your lawn weekly is highly recommended to keep up with the increased growth. You can scale back to bi-weekly mowing in the cooler and more dry seasons, November to April.
  • Fertilization: Spring is the ideal time for fertilization since the warm soil and occasional spring showers promote healthier growth. Some lawns, on the other hand, can greatly benefit from a small application in the fall as well. 
  • Weed Control: To prevent weeds before they germinate, apply pre-emergent herbicide in early spring. Post-emergent weed control can also be done throughout the year. This helps to target weeds that can be susceptible during the growing season, spring and summer.
  • Pest Control: Be proactive in preventative pest control measures by applying them in spring and fall.

Contact Zimmerman Tree Service in South Florida

At Zimmerman Tree Service, we understand that every lawn has unique needs, especially in South Florida’s diverse landscape. Whether you’re in Boca Raton, Wellington, or anywhere in between, our experienced team is here to keep your lawn healthy and luscious year-round. Contact us for a free estimate and discover how we can transform your lawn!