At Zimmerman Tree Service, we know fertilization, and we know how important lawn maintenance is to the overall look and health of your property. Fertilizer supplies essential nutrients and trace elements that are in short supply, especially in South Florida.

Your lawn depends on high-quality fertilizer and regularly scheduled feedings to maintain its health. Our Certified Arborists at Zimmerman help to provide your greenery with the essential nutrients it needs to grow thick and resist environmental stressors, weeds, pests, and anything else that can cause damage to your lawn.

If you are seeking reputable professionals who specialize in fertilization in Palm Beach, look no further. We blend each fertilizer on an individual basis in order to meet the exact nutritional requirements of your landscape, and we pride ourselves on providing you with exceptional service while doing so.

Weed Control in Palm Beach County
We use eco-friendly methods for controlling weeds and taking care of your lawn. Proper fertilization can help to eliminate and control some of the most common weeds in South Florida lawns, such as:

• Bull Thistle
• Quackgrass
• Broadleaf Plantain
• Crabgrass
• Goosegrass
• Nutsedge
• Dollarweed

Year-Round Fertilization and Lawn Care
From the very first visit you’ll notice how your landscape flourishes with the methods we offer at Zimmerman Tree Service, which promote exceptional plant growth. When you opt for our eco-friendly fertilization methods in Palm Beach, you can choose from different customized fertilization plans:

• Once a month
• Once every two months
• Once every three months

Zimmerman Tree Service is Your Total Plant Health Care Specialist
Not only do we specialize in fertilization and lawn control in Palm Beach County, but we also offer more in Total Plant Health Care to maintain the overall health of your lawn and landscape. 

You’ll find peace of mind when you put your trees and landscape in the hands of certified professionals like us here at Zimmerman Tree Service. We’re committed to bringing back and keeping your property at an optimal level of health. Contact our Certified Arborists today for a fertilization consultation – we’re happy to help!