Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Your HOA Tree Policy

Whether it’s an HOA fine for tree removal, refusing to remove a tree, not trimming your tree enough, or trimming your tree too much, there are many ways that your HOA tree policy could be difficult to deal with and keep up to date on.

Luckily Zimmerman Tree Service, a provider of total plant health care in South Florida, knows a thing or two about dealing with tree requirements and is happy to help anyone avoid HOA tree disputes by providing insight gathered from years of experience as certified Palm Beach arborists. If you’re looking for expert insights into how to handle your HOA tree policy, this guide is for you.

What Can an HOA Tree Policy Be?

The first step in understanding how to handle your HOA tree policy is to exactly understand what it is that your community’s administration can request of you and your neighbors. The aim of these associations is to keep everything orderly, so there is a long list of potential tasks they could have for you.

If your trees are obstructing your house from the front yard, they can issue a formal or informal HOA tree removal request or simply ask you to comply with an HOA tree trimming order. They can also go the other way and issue warnings if you have removed vegetation that they would have preferred you keep or if you have trimmed your tree a bit too much.

What’s important to remember is that they are your neighbors, so although they do have the authority to issue a command, they would likely like to keep the relationship civil and welcoming. You can expect your warnings to come in the form of polite suggestions long before they ever issue a formal letter or fine. But how can you keep up with the rules your HOA has put in place or any new rules for everyone to follow?

How to Learn Your HOA Rules on Trees

If your HOA tree policy is not known to you or if you want to see any changes made to the rules, then there are a few ways to make sure that you are not caught off guard. This association is made up of neighbors who are committed to making their neighborhood beautiful, so it is important to do your part and stay up to date.

Regularly checking in with your neighbors and asking them if they have heard any news is an easy and fast way to stay informed. You could also just observe any changes they’ve made and adjust your home accordingly if you’re starting to notice a pattern. Most HOA tree policymakers establish a newsletter for members of the community to follow, and asking to be added to the mailing list will ensure that you’re staying prepped for any changes. If you find yourself in a position where you require a South Florida tree removal service, then it is important to get it done right so that your HOA will not be disappointed in your commitment to the community. 

Plant Health Care Palm Beach Can Trust

If you are in need of expert tree removal services in Palm Beach, then there is no better place to turn than the professional and certified arborists at Zimmerman Tree Service! Our team has years of experience servicing the area and would love to be of help to the community whenever needed. Get in touch with our team today to ask about our services, which range from tree pruning services to insect & tree disease management, or read some of our other articles to get more insights from our tree care professionals today.


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