Best Trees for Privacy

There are many reasons to plant trees. Of course, planting trees helps to beautify your lawn, plus your city or homeowner’s association might even require that you have a certain number of trees planted. Another good reason to plant trees is for privacy.

If you are looking to find the best trees for privacy, look no further. The certified arborists at Zimmerman Tree Service not only can help you with tree trimming services, palm tree care Florida, and tree treatment services, but we also know a thing or two about the most sought-after trees. Keep reading to learn more.


Best Trees to Plant for Privacy

With over 60,000 tree species to choose from, it might seem like a daunting task to figure out which tree you should get when you are looking to find the best trees to plant for privacy. Don’t worry! Our professionals at Zimmerman Tree Service know a thing or two about trees. We are very familiar with the best trees for privacy because “tree” is our middle name.

Below is a list of just a few trees that you might want to consider planting if you are looking for something that will provide privacy for you and your family.


Spartan Juniper

Great for the southern landscape, the Spartan Juniper can grow to about 20 feet tall and even get to be four to six feet wide. This tree type is drought tolerant, which is good when water is sparse. Sun-loving and versatile, this is a great option for privacy.


Brodie Eastern Red Cedar Tree

Regardless of where you live in South Florida, the Brodie Eastern Red Cedar Tree is a good option for seclusion. These trees do their best in full sun, but if the area where you want to plant is partially shaded, that’s okay too. This species typically gets to be about 40 feet tall. Just make sure that if you select this tree, you plant it 10 feet or further from your house.


Leyland Cypress

If what you want is a hedge or large screening plant, then a Leyland Cypress might be just what you need. This tree grows great in full sun and also in partial shade. It’s more of a large shrub than a small tree, but it’s very prevalent in the area due to the secluded privacy that it provides.


Get the Right Tree for Your Yard

Whether you are looking at backyard trees for privacy or beautiful front yard trees, Zimmerman is here to help you out. We know how to guide you in picking the best trees, even if you are thinking to yourself something like, “Those people to the left of us are so nosey. I wonder how to block our neighbor’s view.”


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