Preparing Trees for Hurricane Season

Hurricanes and tropical storms come around every year, oftentimes bringing damages to your landscape with it. It’s important to make your lawn, landscape, and trees resistant to the rain and winds to minimize the potential damages that could occur as the storms roll through. Here are some tips for preparing trees for hurricane season.

Tips for Preparing Trees for Hurricane Season

Believe it or not, the right tree in the right place can help to protect your property. But unfortunately, a tree in the wrong place can cause more damage rather than provide safety.

Pruning Your Trees Before the Storms

One of the most important things to consider before a hurricane rolls through is properly pruning your trees. If you’re pruning your trees on a regular basis (especially if you start while they’re young), you can help them develop a sturdy framework and healthy branches. For larger trees, a team of Certified Arborists in South Florida can do all the hard work for you before hurricane season. By removing dead branches you’re minimizing the risk of damage. By trimming long branches, your trees are less likely to blow over. It’s important to remember that you should never remove more than 25% of the tree’s canopy.

Avoid Cutting the Roots

If you tend to do your landscaping and yardwork on your own, avoid cutting the root system. If you notice that the roots are coming into contact with a structure, contact a professional who specializes in tree trimming services to review the situation. They’re able to properly determine whether pruning the roots is safe or not at that time.

Leave Your Palm Trees Alone

While you’re preparing trees for hurricane season and pruning as necessary, don’t touch your palm trees. Palm trees actually adapt to storms over time. Removing palm fronds can be more detrimental than helpful in this situation. Unless they’re browning and dying, you can leave your palm trees as they are.

Dispose Debris

It’s vital to your environment to dispose of debris both before and after a hurricane. Ensure proper disposal of cut wood, loose branches, logs, and more. These can become projectiles during a severe storm and can hazardous to your neighbors and others on the road afterwards.

Total Plant Health Care and Tree Trimming Services in West Palm

At Zimmerman Tree Service, we provide total plant health care services, as well as tree trimming, tree pruning, and fertilization in Palm Beach. If you need Certified Arborists to asses your lawn and landscape before a hurricane, you can count on us at Zimmerman. We offer emergency tree services, which you can take advantage of before as well as after the storm. Contact our tree health professionals today.


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