Yard and Lawn Check-Ups in Florida

Don’t Forget to Schedule Regular Check-Ups for Your Lawn


We go to the doctor for our annual check-ups. We have to make sure all systems are running as they should, to catch any potential issues in the early stages before they become big problems. We do the same with our cars, letting our mechanics put them up on the rack, look under the hood, check all the belts and hoses, making sure all their systems are a go. Keeping an eye on everything and making sure everything is as it should be is an important thing to do. We should also be doing this to our home and garden! It’s important to schedule regular check-ups for your lawn and landscape.

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Lawn check-ups are a very wise move that protects our investment. We have a lot of time, money, and hard work invested in the places we live, and some money spent now on upkeep can save a lot of money from being spent later on due to little problems that became big ones.

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At Zimmerman Tree Service, we offer a Total Plant Health Care program that will relieve you of the burden of inspecting your own plants and diagnosing the presence of insects and diseases, having to determine if treatment is required. Often, insects and diseases will have done a great deal of damage by the time their activity is visible to the untrained eye. Continual monitoring by our Certified Arborists at Zimmerman will reveal activity early while less radical treatment can still be effective.

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