Why is My Tree Not Blooming?

The trees are blooming, which can mean only one thing, spring has sprung! While most trees begin to bloom, there are some trees not blooming. But how come there are late-blooming trees?

Trees can adapt to temperature and climate changes. The environment is a huge factor in trees not blooming. Sometimes a tree is just not ready. Trees can sense spring is upon us by temperature change and the duration of light.

If your tree is in the right environment, it will begin to sprout. For trees that are not in the proper place, they will protect themselves and will hold off on sprouting until the right time. Our certified arborists in South Florida are here to share more on trees not budding in spring.

Do Trees Know it’s Time to Grow in Spring?

Various factors play into trees not blooming. Light, temperature, and genetics can all affect your blooming buds.

Available Light

Winter is prone to shorter days with not enough daylight for buds to break. Your trees need plenty of sunlight to blossom into beautiful creatures.

During winter, when the nights are long and dark, a tree can tell there’s not enough daylight to break bud. As the nights get shorter and daylight sticks around longer, a tree slowly but surely discovers when there’s enough light to start growing.


Unseasonably warm temperatures in spring can cause problems for trees. At times, sudden spring temperatures will break trees from dormancy prematurely. The sudden transition from winter to spring temperatures can wreak havoc on tree growth. Diagnosing and managing tree disease will maintain total plant health care. Tree consultations and diagnosis can help determine the best course of action to help trees adjust to the warmer temperatures and grow this spring.


Did you know that trees have genetics similar to an animal or human? Similar to human genetics that affects our health and personality, tree genetics affect their ability to grow. To help give your trees the essential nutrients they need to grow, supply your soil with high-quality fertilizer.  Consistent total plant health care will help your tree grow this spring. Our professionals specialize in fertilization in Palm Beach and only utilize eco-friendly fertilizers so your trees can flourish.

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