When to Fertilize Lawn in Florida

How often should you fertilize your lawn in Florida? When is the best time to fertilize your lawn? Why is knowing this information so important? These are all very valid questions for someone who is just getting into DIY plant care, and some extra insight from professional providers of total plant care in South Florida could prove to be a boon for your learning experience. That is why Zimmerman Tree Service is here to help!

Our team of plant health care in Palm Beach experts have years of experience in the field and are always ready to share insight wherever and whenever it could be helpful to current and future clients. Below we provide our tips on when to fertilize lawn in Florida and why.

Why Knowing the Best Time to Fertilize Your Lawn Is Important

Before getting into the exact timing for when to fertilize grass for your Florida lawn, it is important to first cover why knowing when to fertilize lawn in Florida is so important. Fertilizer is an essential part of the maintenance process for lawns. This provides nutrients for the plants to grow and protection from outside forces such as insects or damage from the sun.

If you want to maintain a well-groomed lawn year-round, regular fertilization is a key factor in doing so. Adding onto this, knowing the best times for when to fertilize grass for your lawn is essential as it will allow for your fertilizer to work to its full capabilities and provide the best protection and the ideal time! So, what should your Florida fertilizer schedule look like?

What Is the Best Time to Fertilize Lawn in Florida?

Florida is a nutrient, humidity, animal, and sun-rich place. This means that following the proper steps when fertilizing a lawn in Florida is essential. For the best results, be sure to have your first fertilization in the works around mid-April. This will be the first round of fertilization and should be followed by two more throughout the year.

Your second and third rounds of fertilization should happen in Summer and very early Fall, respectively. Your third and final fertilization for the year should not happen any later than mid-September if you are trying to get the best results from your year’s rounds of fertilization. 

Follow these steps from the Zimmerman Palm Beach team of experts, and you should be able to maintain your beautiful Florida lawn without a hitch!

Total Plant Health Care in South Florida

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