Why Should You Choose a Tree Service with Certified Arborists?

Trees play a crucial role in our environment. Established trees of appropriate species and sound structure are beneficial components of various environments. Trees provide benefits such as aesthetic qualities, heritage values, social and psychological values and ecosystems that work in harmony with our best interests.

Taking Care of Your Trees and Landscape

Healthy landscaping can comprise up to 15% of a property’s value. Thus, homeowners put their confidence in tree services whose operations are directed by a certified arborist. When tree service estimators and crew members are not under the supervision of an arborist, trees can be severely damaged by improper pruning, structural safety concerns can go undiagnosed, the wrong trees can be recommended for removal, and the right trees are not always preserved properly.

We might take them for granted most of the time, but the trees around our homes and neighborhoods are an integral feature of the landscape. Usually, trees do not require much special attention or treatment to look healthy and live a long life. However, sometimes a tree will fall victim to a disease or insect infestation that can ravage whole forests and cause real damage to property – not to mention detract from the aesthetic appeal of the area. Other times, trees may simply grow in a direction that puts power lines, chimneys, roofs, or sidewalks at risk in the event a branch or limb falls.


Choosing a Tree Service Company with Certified Arborists On Staff

Homeowners frequently turn to tree service companies with certified arborists on staff for maintaining the health and size of trees, especially during hurricane season. Arborists know how to prune the branches of a tree in such a way that removes any risk of damage while maintaining the health of the tree. This can include:

  • Trimming or removing branches which have already been damaged by adverse weather
  • Preemptive pruning to prevent the spread of disease or infection
  • Improving the overall structure of the tree to reduce wind resistance and safety

An arborist focuses on the health and safety of trees, ensuring their longevity, aesthetic, and economic value. They understand the needs of trees and are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of tree problems. An arborist also has a vast knowledge of the regulations and social issues surrounding trees in the urban environment.

An arborist will not just do the job, he will do it safely, eliminating any risk or issues resulting from less-qualified methods, such as lopping. Complications arising from the practice of lopping can include re-growth with weak attachments that become prone to failure, predisposing the tree to fungal infections and insect attack, reducing the tree’s lifespan and increasing the rate of shoot production and elongation.


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