Taking Care of Palm Trees During the Summer

In the summer and all throughout the year, proper care for your palm trees is a must – especially in South Florida. Palm trees require proper fertilization to receive the correct balance of nutrients needed for overall health and vigor. Our Certified Arborists in South Florida recommend fertilizing your palm trees in the spring, summer, and fall. Palm tree care from fertilization assures good growth. When fertilized on a regular basis following the right program, your palm trees will get the proper nutrients that they need. If your palm trees are left untreated, it can take up to two or three years to return to normal, especially if they are seriously neglected.

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Palm Tree Roots

Never forget your roots, and never forget those of your palms. With palms, it is important to take special care for their roots. Unlike a typical tree, a palm does not have roots growing deep beneath the tree. Root balls branch very little and do not increase in size with the growth of the above-ground tree.

Watering Palm Trees

With watering palms, timing can be everything. You should water your palm tree early in the morning or late in the evening when it is not too hot outside. Watering your palm in the middle of a hot day can result in leaf burn. If you water your palm tree in the middle of a hot summer day, the water on the palm tree frond has the potential to actually fry the leaves.

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Palm Tree Bugs and Pests

Summer is a busy growing season, and for some, it’s a busy eating season! This includes those pests that want to enjoy a palm salad at your expense. The Giant Palm Borer is a large and quite ugly beetle whose larvae have a taste for the wood of palm trees. Borer grubs can live inside a palm trunk for up to nine years before exiting as beetles through quarter-sized holes. The Palmetto Weevil can be found throughout Florida, as far west as southern Texas, and as far north as South Carolina. It is North America’s largest weevil.

Keeping your palm trees healthy and looking their best requires expert care. Each palm tree has specific needs based on the palm variety, soil, location of planting, time of year, weather, and other conditions. Zimmerman Tree Service provides expert total plant health care and specialized treatments to keep your palm trees at their best. Our Certified Arborists in South Florida can assess the needs of each of your palm trees, diagnosis any issues, and customize treatments specifically for your property. Contact us today for a consultation and diagnosis of your palm trees.


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