Guide to Foreign and Native Florida Palm Trees

Do palm trees naturally grow in Florida? Of course! The only thing that can become a bit more muddied is the question of the palm tree native to Florida, this is because there really is no one answer. The palm trees Florida natives love to look at and adorn their yards could either be from this state or could be from an entirely different part of the world. To get to the bottom of which seemingly native palm trees in Florida are actually not native, Zimmerman Tree Service has created this guide to which palms are and aren’t native. Zimmerman is Palm Beach county’s trusted team of arborists and is happy to share information with anyone looking to expand their knowledge of all things native Florida Palm trees!


What Palm Trees Are Native to Florida?


Are palm trees native to Florida hard to come by? The truth is not at all. In fact, there are roughly 12 species of native Florida palm trees that you’re likely to see every day on your commute to work or perhaps even in your very yard. The list of native palm trees in Florida goes as follows:

  • Buccaneer Palm
  • Cabbage Palm
  • Dwarf Palmetto
  • Everglades Palm
  • Needle Palm
  • Thatch Palm
  • Silver Palm
  • Royal Palm
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Miami Palm
  • Scrub Palmetto
  • Key Thatch 

Native Palm trees in Florida are beautiful and should be appreciated! If you do not see your species of palm on this list, you may be now wondering where exactly yours is from. Do not worry, Zimmerman Tree Service has got you covered for that, as well.

Where Did Non-Native Palm Trees in Florida Come From?


Where did palm trees come from, if not Florida? Well, they could be from one of many places, palm trees actually grow in many different countries spread across many different continents. That’s right, native Florida palm trees make up a small number of the palm trees found all across the world. Some of the places your non-native to Florida palm could be from include but are not limited to:

  • India
  • Northern Africa
  • Pacific Islands
  • Asia
  • South America
  • Central America
  • The Western United States
  • Australia
  • And Many More.

There are roughly 2,500 different species of palm tree in the world! This great variety is just one of the many things that makes these trees among the most beautiful and interesting in the world.


Tree Services Palm Beach County Can Rely On!

If you are ever in need of tree services in Palm Beach County for your non-native or native Florida palm trees, or for any type of tree you own, get in contact with Zimmerman Tree Service’s team of expert arborists. Everything from trimmings to entire removals is available with our team, and they would be proud to be of service to you and your needs. Be sure to read some of our other articles to learn more!


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