What Are the Most Wind-Resistant Trees?

While Florida has nearly year-long beautiful weather, an unfortunate part of living in Florida is the fact that hurricane season is a reality. During a few months, Hurricanes cause considerable damage to property because of the high winds and flash floods they cause. The combination of these two forces of nature could also mean trouble for your garden, backyard, or front yard. Further, South Florida experiences bouts of high winds and rains during times of the year that are not considered “hurricane season.” This could include tropical storms or just heavy rain during certain parts of the year. If you are interested in keeping a beautiful backyard all year long, you will need to learn which are the most wind-resistant trees available. Zimmerman Tree Service is here to help you choose the right trees and shrubs for your garden so your home can look as beautiful as possible, regardless of the weather. 

Best Trees for Windy Areas

The good news for people in Florida is that there are a number of different trees that have evolved to be wind-resistant. One of the most common types in Florida is palm trees. There is a reason that these trees are extremely present in tropical areas, and it has to do with the periods of terrible weather and hurricanes that plague the area for certain periods of the year.

Palms have evolved over the years to have certain characteristics that make them more resistant to strong winds. One of the most pertinent is the fact that their trunks are more flexible than other trees. This helps them absorb some of the force from the winds so that the trunk does not snap in half. In fact, palms have more in common with grasses than other trees, like oaks or pines.

This flexibility is also present in the makeup of the branches. Branches on other types of trees are also more rigid and support more weight, while branches are lighter and could bend at much higher angles before ultimately snapping. Some examples of wind-resistant trees or hurricane trees are listed below: 

  • Foxtail palm
  • Solitaire palm
  • Sabal palm, also known as the Cabbage palm
  • Coconut palm

What Are Some Wind-Tolerant Shrubs? 

Your garden, backyard, or front yard will also be made up of various shrubbery that complements the makeup of your trees and home. Your shrubs also need to be wind resistant if they wish to survive a hurricane or tropical storm. Fortunately for you, there are many shrubs that are wind resistant. Some examples include: 

  • English holly (Ilex aquifolium)
  • Blue Gem Westringia
  • Starkie’s Gold Arborvitae
  • Indian hawthorne
  • Dwarf strawberry tree
  • Blue juniper

A good piece of information to understand is that just because these shrubs are wind-resistant does not mean that they will not require some protection from hurricanes or strong winds. This just means that they are merely more resistant if given the proper care. Shrubs should also be planted in groups of five or more to ensure that they are more protected. 

Fast-Growing Wind-Resistant Trees 

If there is one thing that people keeping a garden will want to learn, it is that having fast-growing trees, plants, and shrubs is advantageous since they will fill out a garden quickly. There are many trees that are both wind-resistant and fast-growing. This gives homeowners the best of both worlds. A list of some fast-growing and wind-resistant trees include: 

  • Bald cypress
  • Sabal palm, also known as the Cabbage palm
  • Coconut palm
  • And many others

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