The Importance of Lawn Care

A lawn isn’t just a lawn, if you really think about it. Not only is it the first thing your guests see as soon as they come for a visit, but it also gives your home curb appeal. You’ll stand out amongst the rest of your neighbors if you take care of your lawn routinely. Let your lawn speak for itself by practicing proper lawn care and giving your grass the fluorescent green color that it deserves.

Maintaining Your Lawn for the Environment

When it comes to maintaining your lawn for the environment, think about the oxygen you breathe in every day. A healthy lawn helps to improve the quality of the air all around us. Think about the different things you do to make yourself a healthier individual. As humans, we can pick and choose various tactics to help support a healthier life. Your lawn should be treated with the same respect, as it can help to enhance the quality of life as well. “As a society we tend to take the benefits of grass for granted,” says James B Beard Ph.D., one of America’s leading turf experts and the Chief Scientist at the International Sports Turf Institute.1 The importance of lawn care can often get overlooked but a healthy lawn is important to the larger environment.

Your Lawn and Your Community

A healthy lawn is not only good for the environment, but also helps in reducing noise and air pollution and enhancing entrapment and biodegradation of synthetic organic compounds. When you properly care for your lawn, you’re actually helping to improve, recharge, and protect the quality of groundwater, which also provides flood control. You may not realize the value of taking pride in the grass under your feet and the trees in the ground. Your community is directly affected by the way you take care of your lawn.

The importance of lawn care is far-reaching, especially considering the fact that your lawn and the surrounding environment speak volumes about your community and how it’s seen by others. By sustaining the health of your lawn with the manicure it requires periodically, it not only helps to maintain a sight that’s pleasing to look at, but also provides environmental benefits.

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