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Watering 101


Irrigation is one of the most important cultural practices for the landscape. Since water is a limited resource and is vital to the health of your landscape, it is very important that watering be done correctly.

The How-to’s of watering

There are some critical components to understanding how to irrigate correctly:

How frequently to water Irrigation systems should be reset seasonally. This time of year, water no more than twice a week. It is recommended to install a moisture/rain sensor so that you are not over-watering.

How much to water 10-15 minutes per zone.

What time of day to water-The best time for irrigation is the early morning hours. Watering during the day wastes water due to excessive evaporation.

Hire an irrigation specialist to have your system checked regularly and learn more about moisture monitors.

Proper irrigation is the key to your landscape success!

Overwatering greatly increases disease susceptibility, fungus and the presence of weeds.

Brown fungus patches can sometimes be confused chinch bugs. If fungus goes unnoticed it will rot the roots creating dead patches and kill your grass. This is why identification is a crucial part of lawn care. Identifying weeds is the biggest indicator of an overwatered lawn.
Fungicide will help prevent fungus from spreading and allow you to control further lawn disease.
With our Total Plant Health Care Program we monitor your property monthly, diagnose and treat your lawn, shrubs and trees. Going into the winter months in South Florida, our sun is less intense for less hours of the day, therefore your watering schedule should reflect the change in season.

For more information about proper irrigation, click here.

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.  We treat fungus problems especially during this time of year and would be happy to help. Please contact us at 561-968-1045 or visit zimmermantreeservice.com



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